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With deep sadness, we share the news that our good friend, Jack Silverstein, President of The Western PA Kidney Support Groups, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, May 13, at home with his loving family.  Jack lived his life with passion and cause to support those living a life in need of a second chance.  He spent countless hours spreading awareness about the importance of donation and teaching how to live a life with a transplant.  Jack, along with the late Stephanie Page and Robb Wilson, founded the Western PA Kidney Support Groups. This network of support groups helps to serve kidney patients and caregivers throughout our region. In addition, Jack was recognized for his service by the National Kidney Foundation as a 2019 recipient of the Small Hands Big Heart award. Jack was a member of Team Alleghenies, competing in golf and bowling, traveling across the United States and on the World level. Jack would be found volunteering at local area hospitals, sharing his experience with transplantation and promoting the support groups.

Jack's legacy will never be forgotten. Even upon death, he gave...he helped others in need of a donor. He continues to be a hero to hundreds in need, donating his own tissue, bone, skin, and cartilage. Jack will be greatly missed throughout the transplant community.


To view Jack's tribute in its entirety, please visit the Post Gazette article written by Janice Compton 

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