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The information in this website is presented for the interest of the friends of the Western PA Kidney Support Groups as well as the general public.  Because information over the Internet is subject to interception and alteration by outsiders, possibly without our knowledge, the following material is provided as general information and is not intended to provide medical advice for any specific situation. Please directly contact your physician for specific medical advice.


In addition, the public nature of the Internet and e-mail makes it possible for outsiders to intercept e-mail transmissions. Thus, confidential or privileged communications should not be sent by e-mail. Instead, please use other secure methods, such as telephone, facsimile transmissions, mail or overnight delivery for communications containing confidential, proprietary, trade secret, privileged or other information which should be kept private. Please also be aware that the sending of an e-mail to the Western PA Kidney Support Groups does not by itself create a doctor-client relationship where one does not otherwise already exist.

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